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Utility Runtestset.Exe Not Working With ALM QC V11

Have you just migrated to Quality Center version 11 and now unable to use RunTestSet utility? Does your log file says “Error: Error: Class not registered”.
Here is the solution to get this resolved and get going with the test set execution once again.

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2 thoughts on “Utility Runtestset.Exe Not Working With ALM QC V11

  1. i am very interested in this article (Utility Runtestset.Exe Not Working With ALM QC V11).
    But is not possible to open it or download it from your website.
    Would you please be so kind and send to me by email?
    I’am using ALM 11.52 at rhis moment and submitting als the testset for the night takes us 1 hour, each working day (create timeslot etc.)

    greeting Ben Lindeman

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