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Automation Basics Did you know this ? Part – I

In this article we will be covering a very basic of automation, this would be a must read for those who are just starting their career and also would be helpful for those who have already on the way in their journey through learning and work.
The basic idea of this article would be to cover those aspects of automation which most of us neglect while dealing with. We will start with very basic by defining “What the Software Testing is?” and end the article with understanding “How to work with test objects” and how important is it to understand, no matter which tool are you working with. We will also cover following:

  • Automation Fundamental Concepts
  • Why Test Automation?
  • Regression Testing & Automation?
  • False Expectations from Automation?
  • Before you thing of Automation
  • Automation Frameworks?
  • Testing Process with Automation tools

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