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Designing an Automation Framework.. How to do it ?

It is possible to define and identify different types of automation frameworks, however it is not as easy to develop your own framework as it is to start working with an existing framework.Choosing the right framework/scripting technique helps in maintaining lower costs.
Irrespective of the tool you choose for your automation, there a lot many things to be considered before you start automating the testing process within your organization. In this article we will go through these considerations, which would help us to decide better for any prospective automation project.

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3 thoughts on “Designing an Automation Framework.. How to do it ?

    1. Great tutorial, I must say. Thanks!

      Here is what I am trying to do –
      We have a UFT automation framework for REST/SOAP service testing. Test Data comes from excel sheet and host:port is managed in a xml file which resides on local drive where automation is running. I am wondering if there is a way to test multiple methods of same rest service within single test flow. Host and Port for each method will be same but URi for each method will be different.

      Before I try, I wanted to see if you have seen that happening successfully.

      1. Hi Dear, Thanks for the comments. I am a bit unsure if I understood the question correctly. As per my understanding you are using UFT’s wizard to set the service execution wherein you use the URI (which is different for different methods, hence the OR has to be updated for each method). If that is the case, please try using Descriptive Programming to hit the service or you may update the object property sing SetTOProperty and keep the URI saved in Excel test data along with the. Another alternative would be to save the URI Externally and loop within the method to update URI before you hit the service.

        Please elaborate the issue in more details, otherwise.

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