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TFS Mapping on local | Doing it, the right way!

  1. Make sure that the current work(in any of the projects) is completed and checked in
  2. Close the Visual studio
  3. Delete the local TFS folder you had mapped earlier
  4. Open Visual studio
  5. Navigate to Source Control Explorer
    1. Click on View
    2. Point to “Other Windows”
    3. Click “Source Control Explorer”
  6. Click on the Top node “tfs\<Collection Name>”
  7. On the right hand side Click on “Not Mapped” Link

    • If you don’t see the Not Mapped link here is what need to be done
      • Right click the collection name > Advanced > Remove Mapping..
  8. You should be able to see the following map box
  9. Make sure check box that says “recursive” is checked
  10. Click on browse and navigate to a local drive
  11. Create anew folder called TFS on the root of the drive
  12. Click on OK
  13. It may ask you to remove any previously mapped location, choose Yes
  14. Thereafter, it will prompt to download all, choose NO
  15. Open the project that you want to work upon and start using Visual studio as usual.


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