Automation FrameworkBasics

Automation Basics – Frameworks in Depth? Part – II

In continuation with part one of this article we would now be discussing following:

  • Automation Frameworks?

Though, we have already covered “what the automation framework is?” I would still like to get a bit into the details so that it would make more sense and one would get clearer understanding of what this word mean and how important is this to understand the basics of what we are dealing with.
Even the most carefully planned and designed software, cannot possibly be free of defects and to find these defects is called software testing, which requires creating and executing many tests based on the results expected form the software.

There is one more term that we need to understand well and that is “Architecture”. Think a bit, how you would respond to a question like “Describe the automation architecture and the framework used in your project?” do you know, what is the difference between “framework and the architecture” of the program. Let’s try to understand the same.

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